LRS Federal Team Building Outing

May 22 LRS Federal Team Building Activity

On May 22, the staff working out of LRS Federal’s headquarters office participated in a team building outing designed to increase communication and encourage creative thinking amongst the group. The staff members met at Terrapin Adventures in Savage, MD where they began the morning with communication exercises which included blindfolding a partner and verbally leading that partner down a path that at times included a streambed crossing and other uneven terrain. After this the team was challenged to think creatively in order to accomplish other brain teasers and communication exercises.

Following a ride on the zip line, the team moved onto the high ropes course where they encouraged and helped each other through three levels of challenging rope obstacles. On the second level, team members were bound together at the wrist into pairs, which increased the difficulty of the course and required the pairs to communicate and work together to complete the level. Team members left the high rope course by taking a “Leap of Faith” from a platform on the second story of the obstacle course. The final activity of the day was a leisurely 40-foot drop on the “Big Swing”, where three team members shared the seat of swing as it soared through the air. The day was mentally and physically challenging, but also fun for the participants.

LRS Federal’s management believes that our employees are our greatest asset. Fostering the growth and enrichment of our employees benefits not only the employees, but our clients as well.