LRS Federal Professional Achieves Energy Management Certification

In April 2016, the Association of Energy Engineers announced that LRS Federal employee, Thomas R. Bowles, met the educational, experience, and rigorous testing requirements needed to qualify as a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and has joined the ranks of over 16,000 CEMs worldwide. Mr. Bowles provides support to LRS Federal’s environmental and energy program management services at the US Department of Commerce.

The Association of Energy Engineers, AEE, founded in 1977 is a nonprofit professional society located in Atlanta, Georgia with over 17,500 members in 98 countries. Established in 1981, the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) provides a recognizable affirmation of demonstrated competencies in a wide range of energy-related principles and practices. Professionals seeking the CEM designation must meet a board-approved list of pre-qualifications of field experience, prior educational achievements, and passing CEM exam score.

The CEM program is widely accepted and respected both in the U.S. and internationally. The CEM designation is recognized by the US Department of Energy, the Office of Federal Energy Management Programs (FEMP), and the US Agency for International Development, as well as by numerous state energy offices, major utilities, corporations, and energy service companies