All LRS Federal LLC personnel with whom I have worked have exhibited energetic charismatic spirit in their work and contact with our DOD personnel as well as with Environmental Regulatory agents. I appreciated their efforts and the results Air Combat Command gleaned from their hard work!
— Margaret Patterson, Utilities Program Manager, Air Combat Command

[LRS Federal] demonstrated consistently favorable results by applying highly professional skills coupled with meticulous precision to detail. Instrumental in establishing and monitoring project schedule, work flows, and execution methods in a positive fashion.
— Mark Batchelor, Program Manager, USACE Huntsville Center

LRS Federal LLC provided exemplary service in support of the U.S. Department of Energy and the Office of Environmental Management….from the initiation of their engagement with the Department, LRS exemplified a high degree of professionalism in response to all requests for support and task direction. The level of expertise in environmental remediation techniques, the breadth and depth of experience of the LRS Staff at all levels and their skill at problem solving and negotiation was unparalleled. In light of their Past Performance with the Department of Energy, I would highly recommend LRS Federal LLC for engagement in the field of environmental remediation and rate their services and support in the top 10% of their field.
— Joseph D. Romanelli, Office of Environmental Management, U.S. Department of Energy

The employees LRS has provided to support our mission have always done terrific work. I look forward to working with them and LRS for many years to come.
— Kevin Nikodym, Facility Manager, Brooke Army Medical Center

You and the rest of the team at LRS [have] been a pleasure to work with, and y’all have been a wonderful company to have working this for Tyndall and AFCEC. My workload was simply too full to really monitor this acquisition, but in reality I didn’t have to; y’all worked so well in keeping this moving, and addressing all of the interesting, and the delicate, issues this acquisition had to deal with in a professional and timely manner. You stand for what we should all be looking for in an environmental services firm when looking to select someone to do the work; it is refreshing to know that [companies] stand by their desire to do a good job.
— Stephanie Ramon, Project Manager, Air Force Civil Engineer Center

Tom’s work, first as Project Engineer and then as Construction Engineering Manager has been exemplary. This Site Office relies partly on the commitment of its contractors to our Environmental Management and Enrichment Facilities (EMEF) organization. His knowledge and leadership in construction has helped guide us through several adjustment periods; devotion such as his allows us to better serve our ultimate customer: the taxpayers of this country.
— Jimmie C. Hodges, Site Manager, Department of Energy (DOE) Paducah Site Office
LRS has consistently followed all schedules and completed schedule requirements on time while showing a cost at or, in most instances, below the contracted amount. All planned milestones have been completed on or before set deadlines. LRS has required minimal oversight by the Government in all situations. There has been a 99.8% collection efficiency achieved throughout the duration of their term of contract (95% is required.) They also received a Special Programmatic Citation/Award for Maintenance as the 2010 Top Performer in their category. In FY2011 they completed the contract with a residual of over $100,000 that was used to replace equipment in need of repair.
— Kevin Boshears, Director of The DHS Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, While Awarding LRS the DHS 2011 Small Business Achievement Award

As the regulatory authority on Resource Conservation and Recovery Act issues at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, I have been pleased with the performance of LRS Federal LLC on many projects they have worked on or participated in at this facility. Noteworthy is their recent undertaking of a former project which was not completed (final corrective measure implementation report) to the satisfaction of the State of North Dakota. LRS Federal gathered the scant data, consulted with formerly involved entities and produced a coherent and well-structured document while having no involvement in the actual corrective measures. The state appreciates the willingness of this contractor to attempt work where the contractor’s best effort produced a product which was not up to their standards and which solved a compliance problem for Minot Air Force Base. I believe the facility is pleased also. Because of familiarity of a site, there is benefit to utilizing the same contractor who is known, experienced and proven to both the facility and regulatory agencies. Outside of financial limitations, consideration should be given to a contractor meeting these basic advantages.
— Robert Disney, Environmental Scientist, North Dakota Department of Health, Division of Waste Management

You were and are great to work with. HQ ACC is ecstatic with the outcome.
— Kelvin Dragseth, Minot Remediation Program Manager, commenting on the Success of LRS Personnel in getting NDDH Approval for LTM Optimization

Thank you for being so dedicated. Over the years I’ve worked with many contractors and even worked for one. Yours is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.
— Robert Lowe, Environmental Restoration Program Manager, 5 CES/CEANR, Minot AFB

…you and LRS are one of the best companies that I’ve worked with.
— Joseph D. Romanelli, Office of Environmental Management, U.S. Department of Energy

You have enabled Air Force to achieve site closure 4 years ahead of schedule, saved taxpayer money, and enabled OAFB to achieve its ERP DoD Program goals. Thank you for ensuring that Offutt AFB has a robust, successful, regulatory-compliant ERP.
— Melissa Milner, Environmental Restoration Program Manager, Offutt AFB, NE